How to play slots?

As in many other sports, a strong grasp of the laws and mechanics of the game is the principal assurance of success in a casino. Firstly, let’s look at the paylines definition. A payline is a line on the reels in which they create winning combos.

It was a line of three similar symbols in classic slot machines and was meant to appear exclusively in the middle of the reels. But paylines have become more and more advanced with the creation of video slots. Now they are not only horizontal but also vertical, diagonal, zigzag – it depends on the individual slot game and the amount of paylines in it.

You must firstly determine how many lines you want to play on. Although you can always only find one payline in basic slot machines, their number can also go up to several hundred in modern slots. The object of the game is to gather on one line three or more of the same symbols. Your winnings depend on both the particular symbols and bet size.

Basic game principles

Payment table you can get acquainted with the paytable before you start the game. It will inform you what sort of winnings you can bank on for a certain symbol combination – and the amount won depends on the size of the bet as well. If you skip the paytable, you won’t know what the highest win is worth, and what jackpots are available for. And if you’re trying to strike the jackpot we highly encourage you to figure out how to do so first.

Game Symbols

Wild Symbols

The wild symbol on slot machines operates in the same manner as wild cards in card games. It substitutes one of the symbols to create a winning mix, compensated for. Wild symbols are popular with players, but are less common than symbols of bonus or scatter.

Expanding wild

The advent of animated video slots has opened the door for creators to widespread imagination and the development of new wild symbols, and many variants of such symbols nowadays exist. The symbol spreading wild appears on a reel, in which it extends to include the other symbols on the particular reel.

This will produce some new winning combinations – particularly on a 5-reel slot machine with multipayline payline. Expanding wilds are a very common version of traditional wilds, and when reaching the reels, they can lead to major wins.

Moving Wild

The moving wild symbol is another version of the wild symbol, which, like the attached wild, will stay on the reels until falling for additional spins. A running wild is different from an attached wild in that it moves with each turn around the reels. The wild symbol will create winning combos with it each time a new symbol emerges, and this will continue for a certain amount of time – until wild leaves the reels entirely.

Stacked Wilds

The stacked wild acts much like all wilds, swapping other icons to create winning combos, just like the growing wild, it can produce big wins. These symbols are typically arranged in stacks of 2, 3, 4 or 5 wilds, which occupy the whole or part of the reel. Stacked wilds are found in different games in various ways, so it’s always fun trying out the paytable, but this sign always leads to even more wins of whatever mix it doesn’t play in.

Sticking Wild

The word sticky wild may not sound like the world’s most appealing, but trust me – it’s one of the most lucrative wilds available only in modern sports. The attached wild remains in position for other turns, whether it is earned in the main game or in the bonus knight, and this will produce incredible winning combos.

Carrying Wild

Rolling wilds has become an increasingly common feature seen on many new slot machines today. WMS is one of the makers of slot machines that produce carry-over wild casino games for a number of online casinos and conventional casinos around the world. If you’d like to learn more about these symbols, we’ve built a page specifically devoted to the transfer wilds with a video explaining how they function, as well as links to several free games you can play online to better understand why these symbols have become so popular. Arbitrary crazy random wilds are commonly seen on modern slot machines, and are able to turn lost openings into huge wins.

Arbitrary Wild

Actually operates much as any other wild, changing symbols, except the exception, as its name implies, is that this symbol appears entirely randomly, based on the style and nature of the game.

Walking Wild

This function allows players the chance to get free spins when a replacement symbol landes on the reels. Rolling wilds switch left, right or both according to the current game.

Split Symbols

As its name suggests, the functionality of the split symbol is that this symbol could appear on the reel grid more than once at the same location. In certain games symbols can double or even triple.

Bonus symbols

Bonus symbols are special symbols which trigger the just mentioned bonus games. Not all bonus icons but only trigger bonus games. Any of them will only toggle on a set of free spins.

Multiplier symbols

Multipliers are symbols that multiply the winnings by a number. For eg, if your multiplier is 2x which is part of a winning mix, then you’ll get twice as much money as if you didn’t have this symbol for multiplier.

Multiplier-symbol games are widely popular with teams. Scatter symbols everybody knows you’ll need to line up the symbols in a certain sequence to win on a slot machine. Scatter icons are unique because they don’t have to land on a single payline to win. They carry money regardless of where on the board they appear. Scatter symbols are very common with teams, too.


Coins reflect the value of each payline that you put as a bet. If you count up the denominations of all the put coins, so the overall value will be the amount of money you bet on a single turn. Placing 0.01 coins on a payline could mean a one-cent bet, but if 100 lines are on the box, the bet would mean a one-dollar overall bet per turn.

It is important to consider how much you will be betting on one spin, and to change your bet, you can alter the number of paylines or the sum of coins per line. However, it is still important to note that in order to be considered for the jackpot you would need to play at the ‘full bet‘ on certain slot machines.

Bonus rounds

They are begun after multiple scatter symbols appear on the reels of the game, or a certain mixture of symbols appear. They reflect either a round of free spins, or a bonus game in which you have to select randomly from multiple locations containing various prizes. Nice chance to win big!

Theoretical income of the player

The potential return of the player is the most important predictor of video slots. The higher the predictor, the better the probability to win. If the slot’s rtp is 70%, you can expect a return of seven euros from your ten 1 euro bets. Bet level if you want to play slot games effectively you have to grasp well what a bet level is.

The bet level indicates the number of coins wagered on each side. The higher the worth, the greater not only the bet but also the winnings you will make. So, pick a higher degree if you’d like to take chances. What more, what a fire without a slight chance!

Volatity in slot games

Volatility describes the frequency ratio of winnings to their number. Do not compare the term with the income of the imaginary player. Slots with low volatility have regular victories, but limited payouts still surpass the risk. For beginners, those games are fine. There are high volatility slots for aggressive players who are marked by occasional but important wins. So this is what gambling means!

Useful advice for playing slot machines

It is important to note that the outcome of the game depends specifically on how the player cooperates with the vulcan stars casino and handles the method of playing. Therefore, there are a few tips that would not only impact the bankroll of a player but also promote a balanced attitude to slot play:

  1. The game should be enjoyable, not a relentless fight with the casino machine anyway where it’s going to be in the dark. The player needs to be able to lose, but expect to succeed, because the main aim of the slots is to amuse and offer good mood.
  2. Become an important part of dedicated companies. These players can count on rewards, incentives and trophies. Often, the casino can refund part of the money invested, based on how much a player may spend in a week.
  3. Best to stop major jackpots in political sports. In addition, those devices give away varieties of rewards less often and you can waste a great deal on them.
  4. Don’t waste your last living money on that. no game worth slipping into the darkness and doing it behind. The athlete still wants professional support in this situation.
  5. Playing slow means having fun. Doing spins fast means wasting money fast and not playing the game.

Regardless about how the game progresses, you need to remember that casinos are amusement and contact gaming clubs so don’t lose heart and take part in cool heads video sports.

Slot machine

Features historically, slot machines used to have a small set of functions. Three reels were introduced, each having about 10 symbols and you could win money or candy when a certain winning combination came out. (Yes, yeah – candy. When slot machines were made illegal for a short time, they used candy as prizes rather than gold, and since then the symbols of fruit and stripes have been used on slots. Fruit represents the taste of sugar, and stripes represent chewing gum bars).

Nowadays, slot machines offer a wide range of additional features, including different difficulty bonus slots, free spins, a chance to gamble the money you’ve just won, as well as mind-blowing revolutionary jackpots.

Not all symbols are just markers today. Slots today use incentive symbols, symbols for multipliers, scatter symbols, wild symbols, among others. This article is about discovering and illustrating some of the characteristics of modern slot machines.

Progressive jackpots

As players put their bets on slot machines, the progressive jackpot raises by an order of magnitude. A small percentage of the bet goes to the jackpot’s asset which is increasingly rising. These games have a lower win percentage than the set jackpot games but there are large jackpot numbers. One of the most popular forms of progressive jackpot games is Megajackpots, where the jackpot payout begins at $10 million. Any of these radical jackpots are played from multiple slot machines from the same casino online, and others are available from different casinos online.

1024 options to win

In the glory days of one-armed robbers and automatic slot machines in pubs where the winnings were created from candy, paylines were straightforward enough, but with the introduction of modern computerized slot machines, game makers had even more space for imagination and discovered how to build many of the more insane winning combos. The 1,024 ways of winning do not have conventional paylines, but also grant players the option to collect winning symbol combinations from both the left and right.

243 ways to win

At one point it was planned to abandon merely incorporating an growing number of paylines, instead implementing the 243 ways to win format – this was the first game system giving players a win on a five-reel slot machine with any three similar symbols from left to right or right to left…

The low latency of these games appealed to many gambling fans and these slot machines are the most popular in the industry nowadays. Playing all ways the majority of slot machines usually reward wins from left to right, but more and more casino games are now rewarding wins in combinations from left to right and from right to left. This slot machines are sometimes referred to as round-trip games” or double-sided games” and are, for obvious reasons, very popular with casino players.


Many slot machines have an autoplay feature, and you won’t find it hard pressed. When the autoplay is triggered, the spins are played on the screen in reverse, with the outcome of each spin shown before going on to the next spin. Playing an online slot is a fully automatic way to. Only press the autoplay button on the game screen nudge mechanism.

Nudge option

The classic ‘nudge’ option these days is a somewhat underrated style on slot machines in both online casinos and conventional casinos.This game feature helps you to switch around the reel one or two times, either automatically or using a special icon, for the potential creation of a new winning combination.

Keep fruit on a slot machine one of the key purposes of fruit slot machines is to place fruit on a slot machine. Players are given an arbitrary number of deductions for symbols on those slots, prizes are awarded based on the rules for selecting a specific match.

Danger game feature

Certain bonus games have a dangerous function in game where this is possible. The risky game feature is particularly common on UK slot machines, also called fruit machines. A risky game’s most popular variant is its ability to predict a face-down card’s suit or color before it is opened. If you think you’re right, you can double the money you’ve just won so if you don’t then you’re going to lose your winnings.

Bonus games

My favorite feature is bonus games on modern slot machines. These are special games that are opened when one or another necessary combination falls out on the reels during drawing. Wheel of fortune is one example of a bonus game. This bonus game is widely played on the homonymous slot machine. This bonus game is so popular I read stories about players who won progressive jackpots and were still disappointed because they were not able to spin the wheel of fortune.

Bonus games are particularly popular on slots online. They are also followed by their own songs, or even full draw scripts. Easy bonus games are of course very basic on certain slots, in which, for example, you need to pick one of five treasure chests on the board, each of which holds a certain number of dollars. Bonus games do well and keep an eye on the action. Some bonus features require certain abilities to win, while some are played out at random. Of course, no skills are necessary to trigger the bonus game itself, only luck is needed.

Pay tables

Each slot machine has a paytable and before you start playing on your chosen slot you need to familiarize yourself with that. Since the paytable gives you all the details you need to learn how slot machines function, and then you can maximize your winning odds.

The paytable provides reward sums information on each symbol type, statistics on wild and scatter symbols, multipliers and free spins, as well as variations that trigger bonus games on the slot machine. Some pay tables can also send you details on the slot machine about the estimated rtp (return to player %) so you can get an estimate of your odds of winning.


Paylines are one of the main characteristics of slot machines all over. The number of paylines on a machine a sous machine determines how many ways you can score. The easiest games only have one payline, the center of the screen, although several other paylines can be found in other sports. You will need to place a bet on each line you pick so you will need to place a bet on each line you choose in games with 100 or more lines so you will need to gamble at least 100 coins in games with 100 or more lines.

Free spins

By example, free spins are reel spins that you don’t have to pay for. Free spins are allowed in a number of ways, but the free spins are typically triggered on the reels after 3 or more free spins or scatter symbols appear. This is the shortest bonus game variant.

Free spins will be re-activated on most slot machines until the bonus game is completed. Reactivation usually involves restarting the bonus session, and this is a favorite aspect for players as it always leads to major wins.

The free spins con is also re-activated if during the free spins draw the same three symbols that initially caused the draw are lowered into the reels again. Reactivation will take place many times in a row but we have not yet found a slot machine with infinite bonus reactivation!

Cascading drums

Cascading reels is an revolutionary slot machine feature that is becoming increasingly common in gem-based online games. After the symbols appear on the reels, all paylines burst, causing more symbols to land on the resulting empty spaces. When replacement symbols produce new winning combinations, they break, too, and new symbols collapse in place. It’s not infinite but this fantastic feature brings dynamism to the game.

Restarting the drums

This feature gains from the influence of market pricing – resulting in players being required to make tough choices on spending their funds. The positive thing about replaying the reels is it’s just a game option, and the players themselves make the call to replay. One of the characteristics of bonus rounds are revolving drums spinning reels. This option is offered to the player as an extra incentive to the free spins bet, so he can gain further wins.

Falling drums

If you are familiar with any tech provider igt slot machines, then chances are you are familiar with their dropping reels functionality as well. This feature has become popular with casino players – and with good reason, because it helps you to win several times after one turn. We assume that, in the near future, more and more sliding reel casinos will be open to gamers.

Slots RTP

One of the most critical things to remember before playing for real money is rtp . RTP (return to player) is calculated as a estimate that corresponds to the number of funds the player may earn back for a given period of time on each bet. Games with a high rtp normally offer players higher payouts than games with a low rtp.


Players also comment about slot machine fluctuations. In general, games with high uncertainty have low payouts but the winnings are typically high when they occur. Low volatility slots usually offer a lot of small wins but on those slots you will also get a really big draw. Games with lower volatility usually make more money, and are more suited for small supported players.

Classic slot machines use fruits and stripes as symbols but these days new designs are continually emerging. Sometimes these songs are licensed from famous franchises of entertainment like star wars, elvis, or hee-haw. Many slot machines have patterns based on a certain historical period, and the symbols reflect that period of time.

A sixties-themed video, for example, might have multi-colored shirts or symbols of peace as symbols. These are only some of the features available in modern computer a sous machines. One component of this feature can be present in one game, or multiple such facets. The wheel of fortune, for example, is used as a progressive jackpot and a bonus match. Innovative development on slot machines persists, with new technology being presented to the general public each year at a gaming exhibition.