Texas Hold’em Quick Facts Part 2

There is no real room for whining at this poker table, players who are non complainer and courteous tend to come out on top. Keeping your head in the game is vital.

–          Remember, odds are a ratio. If you have 1 chance in 5 of completing your intended hand, your odds are4 to 1 against you. Probability is your chance relative to the total chances – like 1 out of 5 or 1 in 5. Probability is frequently expressed as a percentage. You will always see this on your TV screen (for each player’s hand) when watching Texas Hold’em tourneys like the WPT and WSOP.

–          It is highly recommended that you steer clear of chasing any draw against just one other player at the table. You won’t hit it enough and when you do, it won’t net you much. It is not a good investment.

–          The more poker players that act in front of you before it is your turn to do so, usually means your positional advantage is greater. By being able to see what the other are doing (how they act/bet) you will be aware of all you really need to know. All you really have to do next is to know the players enough to tell if any of them are being misleading.

–          The players at the table that you do not want to alienate are solid early position raisers and callers – even extremely tight players. These are players that may have real hands and will play through the last card, no matter what.

–          You will find that check raise bluffs are rare in this game ((and poker in general) especially at lower limit games. If a player check raises, it usually means they have a good hand and do not want o go overboard by re-raising. Run for it and get out of the game. Also, if you have check raised a practiced player hoping just t win that wager, it may very well backfire right on you. This player will most likely fold their hand faster that they can say I knew it.

–          Here is a doozie, Hold’em has a total of 1,326 possible starting hands. Because of the four suits in the deck, there are 6 ways of making a pair, and 16 ways of making any other hand. Think of this, there are actually only 169 distinctly different hands. 78 unsuited hands and 13 pairs.

–          If you are the aggressive pre flop and no one has gotten in your way, bet the flop. The other players in the game have probably not made anything and a wager here could very well win you the pot right there.

–          Your odds of making a straight-flush on the flop with suited connectors are 5,00 to 1. The odds that you will make four of a kind are 407 to 1.

–          As the game gets looser and more passive, the value of suited starting hands and connectors is higher – the value of strong hands like A-K and Q-Q gets smaller.

–          Discretion is the name of the game when playing this poker game, at online casinos and anywhere else.

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